ARENA Marketing Communications, established in 2001, offers marketing communications and consulting services mainly in Russia and South-East Asia, focusing on a wide range of projects.

Our main strength is meeting the demand of our clients, coming up with creative solutions for their businesses in time and on budget. We specialize in developing the actual marketing strategies, client-base activation and various forms of non-media communication. But that’s not all. We also offer professional trade-mark design, corporate style development, advertising-material production, logistics, customs clearance and more.

When it comes to one of the main strengths of below-the-line marketing вЂ” efficient and cost-effectiveness promotions вЂ” we help our clients come up with sale-stimulating promo materials and gifts with purchase.
We design and produce these based on the requirements of a specific client; hence, the result is an exclusive product that has a specific target group in mind. It’s high quality, but easy on our clients’ wallets.

The trust of our clients and the increasing demand for our services prompted us to expand beyond Russia, opening subsidiaries in China and several other countries of South-East Asia.
The choice was not accidental: We have well-established partnerships with several top producers in the region and have special relationships with some state officials and top decision makers in China, India, Malaysia and Thailand.

We are ready for cooperation.

34 Lavochkina Street, Bldg 1, Office VII, 125581, Moscow, Russia

+7 (495) 234 8833 / office, fax
+7 (499) 747 0468
+7 (499) 747 0470
+7 (499) 747 0471  
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Developing marketing strategies, catalogs of motivating gifts and BTL programs, design, production and delivery of promotional items as part of national promotion campaigns, consulting in South-East Asia and the CIS countries (former Soviet republics), logistic services, including customs, project control, authorizing manufacturers, etc.